If you are a student in college or university and you have student email that ends in .ac.uk, .edu or any other email from educational institution, you might be entitled to some freebies such as free IDEs and code editors, DNS and domain services, free cloud hosting and many more!

GitHub Student Developer Pack — This student pack has lots of developer related freebies from various companies. I personally haven’t used much stuff from this pack, but if you are just launching your own project, you will definitely find some useful stuff in there such as $50 of DigitalOcean platform credit and Travis Cl code testing software worth $69/month!

JetBrains professional developer tools — This student developer tool pack contains a bunch of IDEs for many different programming languages as well as ReSharper extension for Visual Studio which adds in extra functionality to Visual Studio that you wish you had. I personally find this pack most useful mainly because I mainly use JetBrains IDEs.

Free Autodesk software for students — This pack has lots of different pieces of software by Autodesk most notably 3ds Max and AutoCAD. To be honest, this pack will probably be the least useful if you’re a developer, however you might find 3ds Max useful if you do game development.

I’m sure there are more free stuff for developers out there, but I only picked out the most useful and least obvious packs.

Bye c: